Construction of New SkyWay Production Facility: One Month After

The information service of SkyWay Group of Companies continues to report to you on the most significant news of the project. Among them is the expansion of the production floors of SkyWay Technologies Co., where the rolling stock of SkyWay transport is being created.

Just over a month ago, we spoke for the first time about the process of building a new production workshop. At that time, we found out that additional space was needed to produce rolling stock for the UAE and preparation for serial production.

Today we talked again with the construction manager Oleg Kudyolko and learned from him what we managed to do and how accurately the requirements on the terms, cost and quality of the new facility were observed.

To date, the work is going on as per schedule, some work has begun even earlier than the defined terms. Anyway, the results are clearly visible a month after the first coverage.

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